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The Signs of the Times

By Pastor Colin Ruddock

What difference does it make knowing The Sign of the Times?  Let's look at the simple analogy of following the signs when you are driving along the road. Road signs are very important and keep us safe. No Entry sign, stop sign, slow down, speed, limit, flood warnings etc. We follow signs that take is to our destination. We respond to a sign that has a camera on it, because when we don’t, we get a lovely letter on our doorstep. We can’t ignore, and must be aware of, the things happening around us, as these are really key signs of the times.  A large percentage of people on the earth don’t look at the things that are happening, they actually don’t understand why the world has changed overnight. A lot of people don’t take seriously the things that are happening as they see the times as something that will pass, and things will get back to normal.   Unfortunately, most people don’t look at the spiritual aspect of the times, because they are in control, and nothing bad is going to happen.  My role as a minister is to highlight the seriousness of the times and bring hope, through Jesus, in it. I pray that all people everywhere encounter Jesus in this season. Many people are just going through this season and hoping for the best.  The implication of the times we are in are critical. People are losing their lives, family members and close friends can’t even attend the funerals. Our healthcare and care system are putting their lives on the line for us. Our government is under pressure, they are trying to send out clear messages. Businesses are closing, no live entertainment be it sports, music, watching films at the cinema, and gyms closed.  If you miss these things, that are happening around us, and don’t connect them with the fact that life is not going back to normal, then you are going to be caught out with future things that are going to happen.  It doesn’t get easier.  Through the bible, Jesus warns us of things to come. We are in the middle of a pandemic. No one of this current generation has experienced anything like this before. Jesus said, when you see the times change, when pestilence, famine, floods, wars and rumours of wars, start to happen more frequently,  don’t panic, don’t worry. I am with you, look up to heaven for I am coming back soon.  No one knows when Jesus will return. The bible just tells us to be ready. How do I do that?

Well, live everyday as though He is coming tomorrow. Look through the life of Jesus.  The Signs of the Times should cause us to change our mindset. It should cause us to think outside of the box. It should cause us to stop, reflect and re-set. This time should create innovation and opportunity, if not, the times will crush you, as you can't keep doing what you have always done.  For me, I have started to dream big again. I said to God at the start of the year. I am not limiting you. I have a tendency to hold back and weigh everything up before stepping out.  I realise there is no time to waste. See the times we are in and ride the wave. Jesus is with you in the storm. 

The Signs of the Times series continues this Sunday.

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