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Dependancy in these times

By Colin Ruddock

In this season of so much uncertainty and unrest, where does your dependency lie? Who is your dependency in? Or what do you depend on?

In this time the whole world is looking for an answer.

Many want to know when the schools will re-open.

Many are saying I will not be sending my children, when schools do open. 

Many want to know when they can return to work. Some employers have always been pushing their employees into returning back to work, since the lockdown.

Many people are looking for the government to have the answer, but now are concerned as the last set of instructions was more confusing to the nation. 

This sign of the time has forced us into making life-altering, life-changing decisions. You can’t avoid it. The Coronavirus has affected the whole world. 

I have put my trust and dependency in so many people over the years and have been massively let down. I have let other people down who relied on me to come up with solutions. 

As Christian's, more than ever before, we have to be seen by the world to have complete dependency on God, because there is no disappointment in God. He wants to let his people know that... “I won’t let you down when you put your trust in me. It doesn’t matter how hard the times become. The signs of the times are all around and I have allowed them. I am with you in the chaos, in the crisis, and in the storm. My name is Jesus.”

If you look at this lockdown spiritually, you will stop and reflect, on your existence and what your purpose is on the earth. Were you actually born to go to work, have children, and own a house? Maybe you were born to own a yacht, have holidays in Monaco, and run your own business?

I believe from all perspectives that this time will define our future. I believe it's important to press reset. 

When you recognise you can’t run around being busy, we must understand that we cannot afford to miss what God is saying, as He should have our attention.  

Following Jesus is absolutely free, but there is a price to pay when you dedicate your life. 

I can watch Formula One from the stands, but there is a price to pay when you are driving around in the cars at 200mph. 

I may have a dream to be a premier league football player, but there is a process to keeping fit, eating correctly, and sleeping well.  Dedicating yourself to Jesus comes with suffering, putting away selfish fleshy thoughts and things, that satisfy, just you.  The bible says men will become lovers of themselves, not caring for anyone else.  I would rather go through things in life with Jesus, than suffer in the world, and have no hope for my future. Depend on God and there is no chance of disappointment. 

Colin Ruddock is the Senior Pastor of Victory Outreach Birmingham. He is married to Natasha and they have a son Brandon. They moved to Birmingham from Manchester to plant a church in 2019. He is passionate about God and wants to see Birmingham impacted by the Gospel.


The Signs of the Times series continues this Sunday on Facebook Live.

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