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Victory Homes

Do you know someone who has a problem with substance abuse?


Victory Homes are able to help rebuild and restore the lives of families and individuals caught in the cycle of crime, gangs, and drug and alcohol addiction.


We are committed to helping to provide a safe and supportive service for drug and alcohol-dependent individuals and their families.


The philosophy of the Victory Homes is:

  • The development of character and positive work ethics.

  • To promote personal integrity, responsibility and accountability.

  • To instil within our residents a sense of dignity, belonging and destiny.


We make referrals to Victory Homes in Liverpool, Manchester, Frankfurt and other cities around the world.  They are a place where men and women can come and be built into the mighty men and women that God has called them to be. They offer a 9 – 12 months residential programme. The programme includes prayer, bible studies, education classes, life skills training and advice.


If you would like to find out more contact Victory Outreach Manchester or Victory Outreach Liverpool.

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