Spiritual Warfare

We had an amazing teaching series on Spiritual Warfare in May and June 2021.  If you missed it, or would just like to watch again, you can watch all six of the sessions on our YouTube channel.

Watch all the sessions on YouTube channel.

The battle has intensified. We have seen attacks on many levels - marriages, mental health, finances, health, etc. We want to see God's people equipped to stand against the attacks, to overcome the enemy and understand that God has equipped them and given them authority. This is not just for our church, this is for the kingdom.  It is open to all.

Pastor Sheila Hendley from Academy for Life will be teaching the sessions. She is a friend and well respected teacher and pastor in Birmingham.    


Sessions are:

1. The enemy

2. The battle for your mind - Part 1

3. The battle for your mind - Part 2

4. Winning the battle

5. Spiritual armour

6. Healing damaged emotions

If you have any questions, contact us on 07411 556522 or vobirminghamcentral@gmail.com.